Server's down - 2017.12.03

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Server's down - 2017.12.03

Post by jagdtigger » 2017.12.03. 13:13

The servers currently down because the OS just crashed for some reason(both of them running on the same server machine), there are two trace results in the syslog server(this one is a separate device). Since im working in a foreign country all i could try is to ask someone at home to forcibly restart the server but it didnt solved the issue. The server's will be down until i get home, that is december 9 if its just a software problem. If its a HW problem then IDK...

Okay servers up again. It seems there was a long blackout and the server shut itself down after the UPS gone flat, and the family member who tried to restart it just pressed the reset button without realizing it was turned off... :D Well im glad it was just a silly mistake, next up is a RAM upgrade.

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